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Program Modules:

Special Subject Investigation for Creative Media Production

The creative media sector provides a wide range of technical, professional and academic areas of interest for development.

This unit gives learners the opportunity to identify a particular area of study or practice and develop a proposal and set specific objectives for investigation.

Learners will apply research skills to the identification and selection of materials and resources and present the results of this investigation in a way that suits the chosen subject and their learning style.

Learners will review and evaluate their work, considering improvements in learning and performance, the professional context of the work and the process by which their presentation is produced.

• Video Production (VFX)
•Film Production
• Music Production
• TV / Motion Graphics
• Photography
• Camera & Lighting for Video
• Graphic Design
• Computer graphics
• Video production
• Music / sound production
• Motion graphics
• compositing

3D Animation Fee structure
3D Animation Brochure