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Shang Tao Media Arts College faculty of Journalism and Media studies has taken dedication to educating journalists who can report and interpret the news with skills, responsibility and social consciousness for more than a decade now. We stand out among other journalism programs in our emphasis on both practical and theoretical approach to learning, grounding our students in a rigorous, well-rounded approach to Journalism and Media Studies.

Our philosophy on Journalism Education

Unlike other institutions, we do not believe in mass production of graduates; we believe that journalism is more than a career. It is a calling – a calling we respect, support and nurture. We believe wholeheartedly that a free people and a free press require each other. Staff and students strive towards this ideology. We acknowledge that conventional news sources and events, including elections, government meetings and legislative action form the bulk of traditional journalism. We believe undergraduate and graduate education should question traditional methods and values and explore alternatives. We lecture when necessary but we prefer to build our classes on an audio-visual learning environment, e-library, discussions and media research.


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Mass communication