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Q. Do I require any prior knowledge in art?

NO, it's not necessary to have any prior knowledge. We start with the basics. All what is required is interest and creativity.

Q. Do you accept foreign students?

Yes we do accept foreign students. We have students from different countries. You will need an official letter of acceptance from Shang Tao Media Arts College in order to apply for the Pupils’ pass (apply to get more details)

Q. Do you charge extra fee if you are a foreign student?

No, we charge the same amount to all our students.

Q. Do you offer scholarship to the students?

We offer scholarship to some students. The award is given to students that we feel will become an asset to the school. Someone who is creative and has a talent in art. Your portfolio will play a significant role.

Q. When does the course start and how long is the course?

The course starts at the beginning of every month and runs for sixteen months.

Q. Do student share computers?

No, every student is assigned his or her own machine.

Q. Who should take the course?

This course is for the needy; those wishing to become Animators, Art and Movie Directors, Web Designers, TV Effects Experts, Music and Video Producers etc.

Q. Do you have holiday classes?

Yes, we organize longer session to ensure they cover as much as possible within the stipulated time.

Q. Do I need an expensive powerful computer with specialized software to go through the program?

Eventually if you plan to make a living doing this, yes, you will need a good machine with specialized software; but as you go through our program, you can do all your homework at school. We have lots of open lab hours in our labs, plus computers in the Learning Center that have all the software that you need to do your homework. We try to make it work for everybody.

Q. What kind of job can I get after I graduate from one of your programs?

It depends on the field you choose.

For web designers: you can get an entry level position job managing, updating or developing a web site for a large company or you can get an entry level job at a web design firm doing graphics, managing files, etc. Many of our students also start “freelancing” or working for themselves doing contracting for clients.

For animators: you can aspire to get an entry level position at one of the many companies in the bay area that require animators with a good strong portfolio. There is work for 2D animators using flash (a lot of it deals with the web and web based games), 3D animators, modelers, texture artists (the ones that paint the “skins” or textures on all those 3D models that you see), video game Quality Assurance tester (yep, you get to play games all day… it’s a tough job but somebody’s got to do it!). The possibilities are endless.

For graphic designers: you can get jobs at printing press outfitters, graphic design studios, large and small companies that are in need of graphic designers (they all do, no matter what they sell), etc.

For digital photographers: you can go into fine art photography, or work for a studio doing portraits, or weddings.

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