The advent in digital technology and the liberalization in the media industry has given rise to many television and radio stations, creating an enormous market need for well trained and skilled mass media practitioners. The college comes in handy and is fully equipped to meet these needs and provides:

Video editing and compositing bench for group brainstorming

video editing lab at Shang Tao College

Advanced 3D Animation lab
(Students 3D Animation workstations)

3d advanced lab at Shang Tao

Advanced Film and Video shooting studio

film and video shooting studio at Shang Tao College

Advanced Film and TV effects compositing lab
(3D compositing cathedral)

Advanced filming and TV effects lab at Shang Tao

TV presentation green screen
(TV presentation using the autocue (teleprompter) )

film and video shooting studio at Shang Tao College

Film and Video Shooting green screen arena
(Compositing (chroma key) techniques)

Advanced filming and video shooting green screen arena at Shang Tao

Other key facilities include:

• Music & Sound Engineering Lab
• Interactive Multimedia Lab
• Visual Editing & Advanced compositing Lab
• Group Visual Editing & compositing Shang Tao suite equipped with two / dual 50’ LCD   display panel sitting capacity
• Foley studio for sound effects recording
• Radio and audio Recording studio with a separate recording booth fully equipped with 64   channel audio mixer, 24 bit
  196 KHZ External Edirol Professional Sound Card.
• Video / Film shooting Makeup facility complete with hot salon sinks and makeup mirrors.
• An entire wing of Multimedia book stocked library with an E-Library section for online access.
• Lecture halls equipped with sound systems
• Think Tank (projects lab)
• 3D Compositing Cathedral
• Mini labs
• Students lounges area

Accomodation / hostels
The college will assist you to get accomodation.
For details about hostels kindly contact us at +254 722 624354 or send to an email to