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Program Modules:

Digital Visual Effects and 3D Compositing

In this unit learners will cover the practical skills used in the design and production of visual elements. Learners will apply and develop software skills in a range of applications which incorporate compositing 2D and 3D rendered elements together to a required visual appeal.
Learners will develop practical skills necessary in the production of visual assets and the associated production processes employed when working to a schedule and as part of a project team.
Learners will be introduced to visual effects and compositing in a range of contexts and the fundamental techniques required to produce exciting visual imagery using industry standard software.

Learners also experience some of the specialist resources available at the college such as the green screen studio and character control rig.

Your individual assessment is a portfolio of VFX and compositing based practical work demonstrating a range of technical skills, and that is comprised of a final VFX motion sequence, including shot breakdowns.

• Video Production (VFX)
•Film Production
• Music Production
• TV / Motion Graphics
• Photography
• Camera & Lighting for Video
• Graphic Design
• Computer graphics
• Video production
• Music / sound production
• Motion graphics
• compositing

3D Animation Fee structure
3D Animation Brochure