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Program Modules:

Camera and Lighting Techniques for Moving Image Production

The operation of camera is lighting are fundamental to all moving image production. Whilst people working in these production areas will specialise in one or the other, a sound knowledge of both is required as the two have to work in perfect harmony if acceptable results are to be achieved.

This unit aims to develop the skills of camera operators in camera acquisition whether for TV (studio, multi-camera and outside broadcast), video or film production. Learners will be introduced to the operating functions of a camera and they will explore the technical requirements for shooting material for editing into a finished production. Learners will be introduced to the conventions surrounding shots, sequences and framing. They will be able to explore and use lighting techniques using studio or location lighting equipment.

• Video Production (VFX)
•Film Production
• Music Production
• TV / Motion Graphics
• Photography
• Camera & Lighting for Video
• Graphic Design
• Computer graphics
• Video production
• Music / sound production
• Motion graphics
• compositing

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