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Program Modules:

3D Scripting Skills

Scripting skills are required by 3D modelers and animators to automate repetitive procedures, create new tools within a given 3D platform and to simplify cumbersome or complex tasks which reflect common industry practice.

Learners will develop scripting skills and techniques to explore the manipulation and animation of 3D objects, devise and execute tools in 3D applications.

Learners will also develop the ability to refine and reflect on their own work and this is an important and professional skill for a career in the creative media production industry.

• Video Production (VFX)
•Film Production
• Music Production
• TV / Motion Graphics
• Photography
• Camera & Lighting for Video
• Graphic Design
• Computer graphics
• Video production
• Music / sound production
• Motion graphics
• compositing

3D Animation Fee structure
3D Animation Brochure