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Program Modules:

3D Character Animation Techniques

3D character animation is a unique skill that requires a high level of understanding and technical knowledge of human and animal anatomy and animation to produce the high standard needed for a successful creative media production and, as computer generated characters become more accepted in entertainment, animation has had to improve.

Learners will be introduced to 3D character rigging techniques and will use these techniques to develop their own imaginative 3D character animation. This will be supported by the sourcing of reference material and libraries. Learners will develop the ability to reflect on their own work and this is an important and professional skill for a career in the creative media production industry.

3D character animation

• Video Production (VFX)
•Film Production
• Music Production
• TV / Motion Graphics
• Photography
• Camera & Lighting for Video
• Graphic Design
• Computer graphics
• Video production
• Music / sound production
• Motion graphics
• compositing

3D Animation Fee structure
3D Animation Brochure